Voiturette Règle

Please follow scrupulously the rules you find here, which are to prevent damages on the courses.


It's forbidden to overtake the golf players who haven't thrown the ball yet.


Keep away from the tee markers at least of 5 metres


- Keep away from the green, avoiding to drive on small hills around them, on the avant-green and near the bunkers.


It's normally forbidden to drive on fairways, it's allowed just if it's the only way.

- Leave the golf cart and walk to look for a ball.

- It's forbidden to drive with no-players children.

- It's forbidden to use the golf cart under 18 years old.

- the maximun number of carts for every match is 2

The lack of following these rules results in penalties determined by the Golf regulation system.

The golf cart driver can be asked to bring back the cart without any refund.


L' adresse:
Strada Statale 34 del Lago Maggiore / Via 42 Martiri 28924
Verbania-Fondotoce (VB)
Prendre l’embranchement avec l’A26 en direction de Gravellona Toce, sortir à Baveno-Stresa ou à la sortie suivante de Gravellona Toce et de là continuer vers Verbania Fondotoce Ou Da Verbania avec la route S.S.34 vers Fondotoce. Entre le pont de la gare et la rond-point de Fondotoce se trouve l’entrée du club.
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